Your say

  1. Hassan dervish says:

    Fantastic show… hilarious
    Will definitely watch another production before I die

  2. Sarah says:

    I laughed so hard an actual bit of wee came out. Maybe I should see a doctor. Anyway looking forward to going again once Star Wars is over. Pissed I missed Jaws!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why did those people leave early at Hay-On-Wye? Wife and I in tears, Mary Poppins/50 Shades Of Grey was brilliant. (Old Fart 61 & Young Wife 59)

  4. I saw the last show of this in Edinburgh, and instantly wished I’d made it earlier in the Fringe as I would have returned a number of times. Since then I’ve been to each of the London (Aces and Eights) shows, and have loved every single one. I enjoy the layout of the night, with stand up first showcasing the acts’ usual talents, followed by the film. I also enjoy the way some of the cast have watched the film recently, and some clearly haven’t (other cast members trying to point lost people in the right direction is great fun). The occasionally fitted in famous film quotes are also an added bonus. The audience are sometimes used as extra’s, which is actually great fun, even if you’re not someone who would normally get up on stage, as it’s such a lovely atmosphere. Having a director helps keep the action on track enough for the story to progress and be recognisable, whilst allowing the cast to add plenty of humour. All in all it’s a wonderful evening, and here’s hoping it continues to run and run – I’ll certainly be in the audience as long as it’s there.

    Review of the most recent night – ‘E.T.’ – an excellent evening, with highlights including E.T. getting drunk quite early on in the show, the introduction of a dubious Uncle, and pretty much the entire audience becoming frogs!

  5. What I witnessed at the E.T. show has been burnt into my retinas forever. Fantastic night. Looking forward to the Sixth Sense