Comedians Cinema Club was nominated as Best Music & Variety Show 2016 by Chortle and has been Time Out Critics Choice every month since February 2015

“The CCC’s movies are chaotic, alcohol-fuelled and very funny indeed” – TIME OUT

Being a fan of movies, and having main roles in upcoming feature lengths for the big screen, AmStarDam, Moonwalkers, and Valerian & The City Of A Thousand Planets, it only seemed natural to Eric Lampaert “uniquely talented stand up and expert improviser” to combine his love of films and comedy into one, bringing you Comedians Cinema Club. But he was only able to do it with co-creater comedian, Matthew Highton, who is a walking IMDB.

“What a silly idea, uproariously executed. A small cast of comedians improvise their way through a film they may only have half-remembered, or never seen at all.” – CHORTLE

Comedians Cinema Club brings together the UK’s best comedians and forces them to improvise their way through movies. Come see us as we appear around the UK (and soon world) to record a podcast and then ruin your favourite film.

“One of the best audience-participation comedy shows at Edinburgh Festival: In Indiana Jones, punters became elephants to ride the cast through India; in Jaws they were cast as the ocean, beach dwellers, underwater corpses and John Williams. In Pulp Fiction, one man who was chosen to chip in as Harvey Keitel took over the show, after it became apparent he knew every line of the film.” – THE GUARDIAN

We start off with a podcast discussing everything about the film and welcome any facts the audience might bring to the table. sharing our Alternative Movie Database (AMDb), some fake film facts, and often bringing an expert guest to talk about the movie’s theme.

One of London’s best improv comedy nights – LONDON EVENING STANDARD

BREAK for drinks and emptying your bowels or ring your Mum about the show. Then we finish by improvising the movie in under one hour “with a lot more booze, fluffed lines & nudity” – TIME OUT

“Blockbusters uniquely reimagined over an outrageously uplifting, haphazard hour” – NINE MORE THAN ONE

Regular club members are Will Seaward, Joz Norris, Amy Howerska, Laura Lexx,  Simon Feilder, Paul Duncan McGarrity, Katia Kvinge, Eleanor Morton, Olaf Falafel, various other comics and also surprise celebrity or expert guests.

“The comic timing of some of these was hilarious and often nonsensical. I would definitely go again” – BROADWAY BABY

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